Casey Corbin’s newest product consists of an all inclusive audio library package which includes a 6 episode bundle that teaches you the intricacies of developing a true therapeutic meditative discipline, along with a 29 minute guided meditation where you will be able to apply what you learned in the first 6 episodes. There is no way to express in words the benefits garnered from the application of this particular art form. This isn’t your run of the mill “self-help” guide, this product is the culmination of over 20 years of hands on experience in both Casey Corbin’s personal life along with its application in his clinical counseling practice. 

Meditation for Everyone! (Even Christians!)

Meditation seems to be all the buzz now. You hear new words like Mindfulness, along with old words like Creative Visualization and Relaxation. They appear to be spoken now more than ever, which stands to reason as there are now people everywhere benefiting from the application of these principles, and there is readily available empirical data supporting the positive results people are experiencing.

The science is out! Meditation is not only GOOD for your mind and brain development or just GOOD for your physical, spiritual, and emotional stability -it is VERY good!

It is no longer just an “art form”. You don’t have to stumble into it, have the right personality, or waste time with trial and error. We now have great techniques based on scientific study and neuroscience! However, the application of these techniques are still at its core an art form. You can easily learn this art form by practicing a few basic yet very succesful and established techniques

Participating in these audios will safely and progressively lead you through the Art and Science to not only learn to successfully meditate but to acquire the greater goal of learning to live a meditative life!

A note to Christians that are scared:

Christian Meditation?

Should we do that? Isn’t meditation for those other religions?

Actually, as Christians, we should be meditating constantly. We are clearly instructed to do so in God’s Word. So why aren’t you? The word “meditation” appears 37 times in the Bible, the concept of contemplating on, considering thoughtfully, and even being in a relaxed state of mind while allowing God to speak to you appears at an even higher rate. For example, the word “selah” (which means “pause and calmly think of this”) appears 77 times throughout the Bible. If you combine all the instructions found in the Bible to be contemplative, mindful, and meditative, the argument could be made and won that we (Christians) are instructed to meditate more times than all of the other disciplines of Christianity combined!

Meditation can also be combined with the other disciplines in order to enhance your prayer life, and also enhance your spirits of giving, serving, worship, etc. If you choose to be obedient, and take the time to improve your meditation ability, all of your other spiritual Christian disciplines will be enhanced! There has never been a better time to get started and to get going on your meditative life!

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