Individual Sessions with Casey for Therapy or Life Enrichment Coaching:

This is private pay only, insurance is not accepted.  This rate is lower than most insurance driven sessions due to the savings of not having to pay for someone to process insurance claims.

Also, the duration of sessions is usually much less.  The number of total sessions for therapy or coaching is on average only 3-6 times.  Casey’s approaches are faster and more efficient than conventional talk-therapy.  Psychoanalysis is frequently measured in 6, 12, or 18 months of duration.  Since Casey helps his clients reach their own subconscious mind directly through meditative states, the desired changes occur so quickly they often appear instantaneous.  (See recommendations and testimonials below.)  In addition, since he is also instructing clients on how to do this on their own, they quickly grow to no longer need assistance and can deal with future issues on their own.  They have gained the essential life skills.  However, Casey is certainly available to help with future issues.   $175 per  session.  Scholarships are available if needed so ask!

Classes and Workshops:  Casey is enthusiastic about presenting his processes and approaches to groups of people that benefit from them.  He can speak on a variety of subjects that the audience can immediately apply to improve their lives.

He also enjoys teaching professionals on how they can integrate his 20 years of insights of helping their clients become successful in many areas of life.

He regularly instructs at conferences, universities, clinical treatment programs, and public workshops.

Contact Casey for possible topics,  availability, and pricing.


Recommendations and Testimonials:

Counselor D. wrote:  I had to visit the dentist today. I always have serious anxiety and I really don’t like pain. (I know… I’m a wimp) However, I used Casey’s techniques today and had great results. I was not anxious and I believe it helped reduce the pain too. I use his techniques a lot but this was the first time for a medical issue. I highly recommend talking with Casey before or after a medical concern.

Satisfied client wrote:  If you wanna heal you must be willing to feel! Casey is a man that operates IN his talents and gifts. Liberating and Peaceful!

Past client wrote:  Wonderful man and very intuitive. He has the personality that says”come sit down and lets talk awhile, there’s no judgment here.”

Client wrote:  I have much to say on the wide variety of high quality teachings offered by Mr. Corbin, but for sake of brevity, suffice it to say that I highly endorse this man’s work.

Ongoing client wrote:  Meditation has helped me with sleeping problems and stress . And is starting to seriously help a lot of anxiety issues . I would highly recommend Casey to anyone.

Distance Therapy (Skype) client wrote:  Feel allowed to go as deep as you want. Felt comfortable from the very beginning and that is saying a lot coming from me I believe because and takes me a while with people, but it is extremely important in a therapeutic environment which Casey enables to exist

Past interning counselor wrote: highly recommend ( Casey Corbin) If you are serious about recovery or if you are serious about dealing with what ever issue you have then this guy will be serious about providing guidance and the tools!!! He is serious about recovery and has had many years experience in working with not only the patients but with the love ones!!! He is not easily pushed over or fooled but it is easy to see the love and concern in him!! I appreciate every thing I ever learned from him thru the years. Yep, even the hard truth he spoke into me!! I am very thankful for his heart for people and the Lord!!! If you know of anyone that is suffering from addiction or any other issues give him a call. P.s. He don’t play!!

Previous client wrote:  This man is gifted from God. Learned how to meditate on God’s word from Casey and also several calming exercises that have helped me tremendously.

Workshop attendee wrote:  I found Casey to extremely knowledgable, kind and compassionate but not wishy washy. I very much enjoyed a short session he did about meditation and would like to learn more.

Treatment Program Director that hosted one of Casey’s trainings wrote:  Casey’s meditation workshop was great. He explains the benefits and steps to meditation in really simple terms. The guided meditations he teaches during his class really reduce stress and induce relaxation.

Client from several years ago wrote:  Casey’s guided meditations and overall warm spirit helped much in my early recovery. Some of the practices I still use today. I hope to attend another seminar/workshop if his in the future