A Clinician’s Guide to Therapeutic Meditation Course & Curriculum -Audios & Resources!

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Learn to use Therapeutic Meditation ethically with your clients in classes, groups, and individual sessions.

A guide, reproducible assessment & handouts, and 10 audios.  Course for therapist, counselors, pastoral counselors, and life coaches -with 10 CEUs and Certificate by Casey Cole Corbin      caseycolecorbin.com

All Digital!  All accessible on your computer, tablet, and phone!  You can always have it with you anywhere to study, practice, and use with your clients!

More than a course -you can use this as your curriculum. The materials are organized and presented in a way that authorized users can use this in groups and classes as a curriculum to teach your clients!  (Clinicians can have their group progress notes completed while the audio plays for their group clients.)

BONUS Quick Start Guide!  3 pages short so you implement with clients in group and individual sessions immediately!

Guide Contents:

1. Introduction to Therapeutic Meditation for therapist and counselors.

2. Ethical considerations for using mental Resource-States with clients.

3. How it works.

4. Primary Representational System.

5. Emotion Mapping Metaphor

*Emotion Mapping Metaphor audio (Recorded audio time: 15 minutes 16 seconds)

6. Mood Management

*Mood Management Outside audio (Recorded audio time: 7 minutes 52 seconds)

*Mood Management Higher Power/Jesus audio (Recorded audio time: 11 minutes 0 seconds)

7. Stress Breath Calibration

8. Mini Meditations for Skill Building Mastery (Written and Audio)

          Meditation in 5 Seconds (Recorded audio time: 5 minutes 45 seconds)

          Autogenic Training (Recorded audio time: 7 minutes 08 seconds)

          Breathe Mindfulness (Recorded audio time: 10 minutes 01 seconds)

          PMTR (Recorded audio time: 9 minutes 25 seconds)

          3, 2, 1 Mindfulness (Recorded audio time: 7 minutes 02 seconds)

          5 Senses Mindfulness (Recorded audio time: 5 minutes 12 seconds)

9. Long Meditation (Recorded audio time: 38 minutes 14 seconds)

10. Quiz for Continuing Educational Units (CEUs)

11. About the Author

12. Appendix of handouts, audios, and Certificate for Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) (separate)

Legal Stuff:

Do not listen while driving or operating potentially dangerous machinery or any other task or responsibility that requires your full conscious attention. Therapeutic Meditation products are for informational use only and are not meant as a substitute for professional medical or mental attention. See your physician/psychiatrist to rule out any physical or mental complications or for the diagnosis and prevention of illness.

Copyright Notice: You may not share this Therapeutic Meditation product with other clinicians to use. Your legally acquired products are for your use and to use with your clients.  Each purchase authorizes one user to unlimited reproduction of assessment and handouts and they may use the written and audio versions of the guided meditations with their clients forever.  License and trainings are available for program-wide use with multiple clinicians. Contact us for more information.

A note about the author:

Casey Cole Corbin is an ordained pastor and counsels in various clinical settings. He has personally practiced meditation for over 30 years, and has used what he has coined “Therapeutic Meditation” with his therapy clients for almost 20 years. He is a prolific speaker at conferences and workshops, and authored the book, “Create! Expressive Art Therapy for Problem Solving and Getting Past Your Past!” and numerous Therapeutic Meditation written and audio products.  He provides clinical therapy at Penfield Christian Homes in Alapaha, GA, and founded Solutions Counseling Services in 2005 through which he meets with private clients for therapy or Success, Executive, and Life Coaching.